Friday, October 14, 2011

This is hard.

I know that if it was easy to become debt free then everyone would have already achieved their goals many, many moons ago. For Mr. M and me, we have hit our two year mark this month of our debt free journey an anniversary that I’m not proud of celebrating. Even though I know that at the end of this journey I’ll be able to “live like no one else”, I still face many temptations.

Mostly superficial things (like clothes) that I for some reason feel like I need to have even though designer clothes are truly wants not needs. I know…its childish…I should be a grown-up and be thankful that I even have clothes but sometimes there is a tiny little person inside of me that whines – “It’s not fair!”

How do you handle days like this when you’re faced with temptations? Do you give yourself a pep-talk? My current solution is to listen to the pod casts of Dave Ramsey and read your blogs as it helps me realize that those with the clothes that I want are probably up to their eye balls in debt. Mr. M reminds me from time to time that we could be debt free or like Stanley….


  1. Some days are really hard, especially when everyone else seems to be living the good life all around us. I find it hard when people I work with are all talking about their overseas holidays... sigh.. like you I read a lot of blogs, listen to Dave, remind myself of how awful it felt not being able to pay my bills, worrying myself sick. that helps :)

  2. It's not fun at all. But you know, what's their life today could be your life tomorrow, and vice versa. How I get through it is just keep thinking of MY goal. I know that goal is a few years away, and I am content with the notion that it WILL happen. Also, having not that many other choices is sober'ingly helpful.